Audit of the financial statements

Today one of the main factors of the attraction to invest to an organization is a reliable and transparent financial statements. The audit is an independent audit of financial statements of the organization for the purpose of expressing an opinion about its reliability.  An audit conducted in accordance with the requirements of the law (mandatory audit) or on its own initiative of the competent organ of the organization's management (proactive audit).

An audit can reduce the risks of the investors and shareholders, contribute to increase the range of investors for the auditing organization. Direct interest in the quality audit has a management of an organization, as because an audit contributes to the level of confidence in the organization and the security organization from the various types of risks (tax risks, the internal control risks, the risks of errors occurring, etc.).

The “W. Jacobs-Audit” CJSC has more than 25 years of experience in the market of an audit services and provides audit services at a high professional level. While performing an audit “W. Jacobs-Audit” CJSC follows the requirements of the legislation, professional standards and principles of professional ethics.

We conduct an audit in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing, and take the responsibility for the services provided in the order specified by the current legislation on audit activity and the contract to conduct an audit.

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