Compilation of the financial statements

Compilation assumes the transfer of certain functions performed by a financial department of an organization to the audit company. This service becomes regular in the business practice not only owing to optimal balance of price and quality, but also due to a number of additional advantages acquired by the organization (time savings, savings on cost of training, improve transparency and quality of financial reporting, obtaining comprehensive consultations from a professional team of employees of the audit company on legal and accounting issues, etc.)

Our services in the field of the accounting and tax accounting involve:

  • maintenance of the accounting and tax accounting (in full or in part, including development of registers forms for tax accounting);
  • restoration of the accounting;
  • maintenance of the accounting and tax accounting on a regular basis;
  • provision of tax reports to the tax authorities;
  • consultancy on taxation and accounting issues;
  • preparation of the annual financial statements.

Other services

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